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By Aravind Putrevu

I write about developers, Open source, interesting developer conferences, and technology stories weekly.

I write about developers, Open source, interesting developer conferences, and technology stories weekly.

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Cyber Security during Wartime

Internet is more widely available now than in WWII. Everything that we do today is probably more available digitally than ever. In that course, nation-states have become vulnerable to cyberattacks.Damage is inflicted on the enemy by blocking, hacking, and ste…


What developers can learn from Sales professionals?

Issue #22 talks about Sales for Devs, improving text search, and an OSS secure credential project!


The JavaScript framework ecosystem

JavaScript is one of the core web technologies of the World Wide Web (WWW)


Observability - A fad or reality?

Before I start talking about this week's topic. I'm sorry I'm unable to send the newsletter for the last two weeks, for a wide variety of reasons that includes some necessary travel I had to take up :) I'd try not to miss sending the newsletter in the upcomin…


Should Product Managers know how to code?

In a webinar, "Tech for PMs with Sidu Ponnappa", organized by The Product Folks community, an attendee asked should PM's know how to code?As you could expect, this is not a simple question but a complex one that doesn't have a direct answer. Sidu answered "NO…


Can we simulate outages?

Facebook, Instagram, & WhatsApp suffered an outage of six hours approximately. The outage disrupted casual conversation between people to large businesses which depend on them for promoting their products. Social Networks today are as important as stock e…


Developer Relations vs Public Relations

This week, I did a podcast on Developer Relations with Karthic Rao, founder of They are building a community-first platform for creating developer content. I've linked the full video below.During the conversation, it occurred to me that many m…


Student Communities 101

This week I participated as a panelist in the "Communities 101" session at Github Field Day India — an unconference with 170 student tech community leaders of India. My co-panelists Ankita from Google, Arko from Github, Khushboo from Microsoft, Venkatesh from…


Hello, Java 17!

My first project in the technology world was to migrate an enterprise Java 4 application to Java 6. The original estimation for this migration was two months, and it went up to six months later due to issues that popped up suddenly.Why am I talking about this…


How to ask for a referral?

Asking for referrals on social media is an art. I want to share a tip: explain how you think you are fit for that role.Maybe talk a bit about the work you did on those skills required for that role. It helps people who refer to make an opinion and better expl…


Shifting left, Google Cloud Tech Nuggets, and DataHub

With advent of the cloud, newer ways to scale software, and storing the data, we unlocked more unique ways to build and control the user experience. This made our systems complex and our tools endless. Shipping the software has also become difficult, which sh…


Skills pay your bills, designing APIs, 6 years for GKE, and Cloud Security remediation guides

This week, Vivek and I launched a Cloud Skilling challenge for learning Elastic on Azure. It reminded me of my time learning Hadoop in 2013, which helped me foray into Open source, big data, NoSQL, and eventually DevRel. It all started with that one skill.At …


Security through obscurity, Elastic at Microsoft Reactor

It is a thin week for me with a lot of learnings which I want to share soon. But, first, I want to destroy few myths that many in the security industry advocate, "Open source is not secure" and "Security software should be closed source." In addition, I see m…


Shopping job offers, kbrew, and React India!

I visited Bangalore last week after seven months, and it is so cold & rainy that I've not turned on the fan for most of my stay. I met few friends who were starting up and spoke about the engineering hiring situation! It is true; the market is hot, we dis…


Getting a Data Science job, ToyDB and PyCon APAC!

A friend of mine asked to help guide his niece to begin his career in the Data Science world. He has completed his MSc in Mathematics. It has been some time, I've spoken to someone who is from a non-professional degree looking to begin a career in Technology.…


Generating Tailwindcss templates, an IDE for Kubernetes, Employee perks vs wellness!

I had my first shot of the vaccine this week. It worked effectively on me, keeping me in bed for a day.


Can you measure Product-Market Fit?

This week, I was in a session with Rahul Vohra, CEO of Super Human - email client cum productivity app, explaining his entrepreneurial journey and how they measured Product-Market Fit for Super Human! To increase your product/market fit score, spend half your…


Competition for hiring Talent, Telepresence, and about App Sec Days'21

Over the last two months, the job market is hot. There are multiple openings. I have got so many calls for a role like, Developer Advocate, which is a role that many companies would not hire for! It is tough to hire the right folks, more difficult if you are …


GitHub Copilot, Terraform 101, DataViz recommender and JAMStackConf

This week, I interacted with a DevOps practitioner turned founder, and a Tech Architect turned Creator. I realized how one could build fantastic side hustle's these days.


GitHub Actions, ViteJS, DevOps Exercises and about SRECon21

I spoke at more than four developer events this week, it was a roller-coaster week for me, but quite exciting. I could also see the developers getting fatigued by all these events even though they register, they might not attend all of them or ask questions l…