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By Aravind Putrevu

Getting a Data Science job, ToyDB and PyCon APAC!



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Dev Shorts
Hello 👋🏽
Welcome to my weekly tech musings. Do reply to me on what you liked this week and what you want to see more. In addition, you could access old issues here!

A friend of mine asked to help guide his niece to begin his career in the Data Science world. He has completed his MSc in Mathematics. It has been some time, I’ve spoken to someone who is from a non-professional degree looking to begin a career in Technology. It is tough to get started in a more specialized career like Data Science as the companies would not accept the candidature, there are no direct boot camps, etc.
But then, I got few resources that might be helpful for you all.
Some resources:
  1. Foundations of Data Science
  2. Deep Learning Book
  3. course
There are numerous DS-related resources and EdTech companies with paid courses. However, even if you all these courses, building your GitHub profile for initial selection is essential.
What I made this week?
I got access to the Github copilot, and from then, I’ve been using it in my daily workflow of writing code. And I made a video of my experience. Do watch!
Github Copilot - Are developers gonna lose jobs now? | Aravind Putrevu
Github Copilot - Are developers gonna lose jobs now? | Aravind Putrevu
What I read this week?
Contrary to popular reasons, Opensource is not just about free and source available software, but it is also about collaboration. So I feel proud to see two of my favorite developer orgs collaborate!
How we’re working with the Elastic team to make the Elasticsearch data source for Grafana even more powerful
Tech for me is not Consumer Tech - it is much more. I read this interesting take on why China is smashing with regulations on its overseas-listed popular consumer tech companies.
Why is China smashing its tech industry?
Open source projects
I think I will never stop seeing resources for Certified Kubernetes Administrator/Developer.
Upcoming Developer Conferences
PyCon Malayasia and PyCon APAC are happening soon. The CFP for PyCon APAC is still open.
PyCon APAC 2021
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Aravind Putrevu 👋🏽
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Aravind Putrevu
Aravind Putrevu @aravindputrevu

I write about developers, Open source, interesting developer conferences, and technology stories.

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