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How to ask for a referral?

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Asking for referrals on social media is an art. I want to share a tip: explain how you think you are fit for that role.
Maybe talk a bit about the work you did on those skills required for that role. It helps people who refer to make an opinion and better explain internally why they have referred you.
I understand, for many organizations out there, a referral is probably submitting a resume internally. But then, I’ve got to know that few organizations like Google ask the employee explicitly to explain why their referral is a fit.
Because, in the end, you would want to end up working in a place that you enjoy most.
By the way, my employer, Elastic, is hiring for a Developer Advocate in India. So please let me know if you are interested, happy to refer you!
What I made this week?
I have toyed around with multiple CSS frameworks over the last few weeks to build a NodeJS app. Here is my take on a few with some obvious choices.
Aravind Putrevu | అరవింద్ | अराविंद
As a backend dev, I find it challenging to create great UI experiences.

I have always wondered how folks have created beautiful visual experiences on the web.

Recently, I got to analyze few CSS frameworks for a project I worked on.

A thread 🧵 about 6 CSS frameworks I liked...
What I read this week?
Github CLI now offers extensions through which you can run a GH API call. This could open a lot of other use cases for CI/CD workflows on GH too.
Creating GitHub CLI extensions
3 Reasons to Bring Stateful Applications to Kubernetes
Understanding Configuration as Data in Kubernetes
Open source projects
Facebook has unveiled a pluggable in-process caching engine to build and scale high-performance services.
There is no shortage of DBMS in the market :D I encountered Datafuse last week, entirely written in RustLang. I haven’t tried it yet, but they claim it is built for Cloud.
Upcoming Developer Conferences
AWS Community Day South Asia is here. You can submit a talk proposal. I’m happy to help you in submitting a proposal if you want to.
AWS Community Day South Asia 2021
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