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Security through obscurity, Elastic at Microsoft Reactor

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Welcome to my weekly tech musings. Do reply to me on what you liked this week and what you want to see more. In addition, you could access old issues here!

It is a thin week for me with a lot of learnings which I want to share soon. But, first, I want to destroy few myths that many in the security industry advocate, “Open source is not secure” and “Security software should be closed source.”
In addition, I see many companies actively advocate “Security through obscurity,” which is terrible because, if at all the attacker discovers the vulnerability, the system is insecure again.
The best way forward for the security ecosystem is to recognize this and collaborate for more excellent enterprise safety as we become more and more digital-native.
What I made this week?
TBH, the release train at Elastic is something that probably many engineering organizations envy! Elastic 7.14 is here with a bang, and I wrote a tweet thread on the same, take a look.
Aravind Putrevu | అరవింద్ | अराविंद
The @elastic release train never stops! It is 7.14 this time, and I'm excited because of the multiple big features!

A 🧵 on what's new 🔥
What I read this week?
Chet Hasse & Romain Guy are probably the best people in Developer Relations to give a Comedy/Satirical talk on Tech. Recently, Chet wrote a book on Android about the team that builds Android OS. As one of the early adopters, devs for the Android platform, I’d recommend this book to you!
Androids. A Book is Born
This blog summarised several intricacies of NextJS into a single page, especially useful for backend developers.
Next.js on the server-side— notes to self
Staying on the Top of Everest is Harder than Getting There - Marcellus
Open source projects
Shopify - where anyone could run a digital shop also uses/contributes to many Open source projects. Below is the place to find all of them.
Upcoming Developer Conferences
Join Vivek and me this week at a special AMA for developers on “Elastic on Azure,” where we will announce something interesting. You can subscribe to the Linkedin event or RSVP below at the meetup link.
ElasticOnAzure: Deploy & Scale Elastic Cloud on Azure | Meetup
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