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By Aravind Putrevu

Shifting left, Google Cloud Tech Nuggets, and DataHub



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Dev Shorts
Hello 👋🏽
Welcome to my weekly tech musings. Do reply to me on what you liked this week and what you want to see more. In addition, you could access old issues here!

With advent of the cloud, newer ways to scale software, and storing the data, we unlocked more unique ways to build and control the user experience. This made our systems complex and our tools endless. Shipping the software has also become difficult, which should ideally be more manageable, reproducible than producing an automobile.
This is where a newer generation of tools, frameworks are evolving to solve this issue. Essentially, the “Shifting-left” strategy for everything done before shipping the end product is a new trend. And this is not new!
When I was an Intel Employee, a senior leader explained how much a simple software bug could cost. It is in $$$$ or more.
Finally, Shifting is not a tool but a culture.
What I made this week?
Building Search Functionality With Python, Flask, and Elasticsearch
Building Search Functionality With Python, Flask, and Elasticsearch
What I read this week?
Following any Cloud platform is so hard. There are many updates, new services, preview programs in addition to integrations with several systems. My friend Romin, a Developer Advocate at Google Cloud, writes these Tech Nuggets for some time, summarizing the latest happenings in GCP. Take a look for yourself!
Google Cloud Platform Technology Nuggets — August 1–15, 2021 Edition
I came across Forrest‘s twitter profile and stumbled across this article. Quite interesting thing to note while making a “Build vs Buy” decisions.
Open source projects
Datahub is an open-source metadata platform that helps you make data discovery, especially for the Data engineering teams.
Upcoming developer events
Join Vivek, me and Azure developer community to hear more about Azure Kubernetes Service, as well as, running a stateful application like Elasticsearch!
ElasticOnAzure: Deploy Elastic Cloud on Azure Kubernetes Service
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Aravind Putrevu 👋🏽
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Aravind Putrevu
Aravind Putrevu @aravindputrevu

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