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Shopping job offers, kbrew, and React India!

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I visited Bangalore last week after seven months, and it is so cold & rainy that I’ve not turned on the fan for most of my stay. I met few friends who were starting up and spoke about the engineering hiring situation!
It is true; the market is hot, we discussed here previously. Also, it looks like people on both sides have gone crazy. An excerpt from an article published in money control says how a DevOps candidate with eight years of experience got an offer of 1.1 crore-per-annum (150k USD) from an American MNC. That is nearly the Seattle, US salary of my friend working at AWS.
Unfortunately, as much as it looks nice today, the candidate should also think about how they could get a job if they want to move to a different organization in the future. The current role could become like a golden handcuff!
Infact, it happened to a friend of mine who took an offer 3x his salary from a famous eCommerce company. Few quarters in, he realized that is not what he wants to do and looked for opportunities. Unfortunately, he never got a similar CTC and eventually moved to a lesser CTC, a 60% hike on his previous employer’s pay.
Anyways, let us see where all this will take us. At least for now, the job market is hyped up. I hope that students from tier-2 and tier-3 cities with meager placement opportunities make hay from this situation.
What I read this week?
One of those must-read blog posts if you are using Elasticsearch and managing data with ILM.
I’m a fan of Sridhar Vembu for his thought process on building organizations alongside the rural heartland of India. This piece highlights interesting details on how Zoho Corp is running a village lab.
Sridhar Vembu’s village lab
Open source
Kubernetes is a platform for building platforms, as Kelsey Hightower says. We see a mountain of tooling on top of k8s, yet many different things could help developers.
kbrew is a CLI tool for Kubernetes, which makes installing any complex stack easy in one step 
Upcoming Developer Conferences
React India, which got rescheduled in 2020, is happening now in November 2021. Also, CFP for the conference is open!
React India - 2021
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