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The JavaScript framework ecosystem

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Welcome to Dev Shorts. Issue #21 talks about JS Frameworks, & InfoSec roles, and an OSS scripting language!

JavaScript is one of the core web technologies of the World Wide Web (WWW). I have known JavaScript since 2008, used vanilla JS in some of my Java projects.
Soon after Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, NodeJS, everything in the JavaScript ecosystem exploded, React was the kingpin to that change.
I felt AngularJS had an excellent opportunity to become a prominent developer framework. But then, things changed, ReactJS became prominent. It is an Open source project OSS'ed by Facebook.
The framework ecosystem in JavaScript is lit 🔥. Suppose if you want to build a web app using JavaScript. You can window shop for hours! Many frameworks have active communities, contributors, only subtle differences from each other.
Everyone usually chooses a few frameworks that started early, like ExpressJS, ReactJS. But then there are a boatload of frameworks to choose from for your unique use case.
Here are a few popular one’s (apart from ReactJS) —
VueJS: A Model-View-ViewModel framework for building web applications.
Svelte: Touted as the most loved developer framework in the JS world, it differs from the traditional Dom manipulation that other frameworks like Vue, React!
Next.js: Popular for its performant nature, Next.js can also be used to build server-side, hybrid static web experiences.
GatsbyJS: A static-site generator with a great community and plugin support system. Newer versions have more features on server-side rendering too.
BackboneJS: Lightweight JS framework based on Model-View architecture.
And many more.
But, it gets tricky beyond a point. I was at API Days Singapore - an API-specific conference. A developer and I were talking about a JS framework known for its performance. Soon a few others joined the convo and asked whether we were talking about Nest.js? I said, “No, I was referring to Next.js!”. Another said, “I thought we were discussing Nest.js until now!"😂
Finally, It’d be great to have a framework index (a search engine!) for JavaScript with all the frameworks, with filters like their use cases, versions, GitHub stars #, forks #; notably, categories.
What I made this week?
On a similar note, I wrote a step-by-step guide on building a NextJS + TailwindCSS app with Elasticsearch.
Creating a search engine app with Next.js, TailwindCSS
What I read this week?
Interesting read on InfoSec, roles, and responsibilities. Often misunderstood!
Starting an InfoSec Career – The Megamix – Chapters 4-5 –
Hashnode, a popular dev blogging platform, organized a writing Bootcamp. I found some videos from Bootcamp quite helpful. Here is the link where you can find them.
Hashnode Writing Bootcamp
Open source project
Upcoming Developer Conferences
Elastic Community Conference 2021 (ElasticCC) is here. It is the annual community developer conference about Elastic Stack from the community, by the community. The CFP is now open for you to apply!
Call for Speakers/Papers
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